repoze.bfg 1.0a5 has been released.  This is a feature release, unfortunately. 
We ("Agendaless") needed this feature for a customer.  I apologize for a 
addition this late in the alpha cycle.  The feature is generally useful: a 
"resource" ZCML directive that allows template (and other static resource) 

The new release has been added to the "current" index:


The documentation at has been updated (the "resource" directive is documented 
the "ZCML Hooks" chapter):


The changelog is this:

1.0a5 (2009-06-28)


- A new ZCML directive exists named "resource".  This ZCML directive
   allows you to override Chameleon templates within a package (both
   directories full of templates and individual template files) with
   other templates in the same package or within another package.  This
   allows you to "fake out" a view's use of a template, causing it to
   retrieve a different template than the one actually named by a
   relative path to a call like
   ``render_template_to_response('templates/mytemplate.pt')``.  For
   example, you can override a template file by doing::


   The string passed to "to_override" and "override_with" is named a
   "specification".  The colon separator in a specification separates
   the package name from a package-relative directory name.  The colon
   and the following relative path are optional.  If they are not
   specified, the override attempts to resolve every lookup into a
   package from the directory of another package.  For example::


   Individual subdirectories within a package can also be overridden::


   If you wish to override a directory with another directory, you must
   make sure to attach the slash to the end of both the ``to_override``
   specification and the ``override_with`` specification.  If you fail
   to attach a slash to the end of a specification that points a
   directory, you will get unexpected results.  You cannot override a
   directory specification with a file specification, and vice versa (a
   startup error will occur if you try).

   You cannot override a resource with itself (a startup error will
   occur if you try).

   Only individual *package* resources may be overridden.  Overrides
   will not traverse through subpackages within an overridden package.
   This means that if you want to override resources for both
   ``some.package:templates``, and ``some.package.views:templates``,
   you will need to register two overrides.

   The package name in a specification may start with a dot, meaning
   that the package is relative to the package in which the ZCML file
   resides.  For example::


   Overrides for the same ``to_overrides`` specification can be named
   multiple times within ZCML.  Each ``override_with`` path will be
   consulted in the order defined within ZCML, forming an override
   search path.

   Resource overrides can actually override resources other than
   templates.  Any software which uses the ``pkg_resources``
   ``get_resource_filename``, ``get_resource_stream`` or
   ``get_resource_string`` APIs will obtain an overridden file when an
   override is used.  However, the only built-in facility which uses
   the ``pkg_resources`` API within BFG is the templating stuff, so we
   only call out template overrides here.

- Use the ``pkg_resources`` API to locate template filenames instead
   of dead-reckoning using the ``os.path`` module.

- The ``repoze.bfg.templating`` module now uses ``pkg_resources`` to
   locate and register template files instead of using an absolute
   path name.
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