Hi all,

some help needed, I'm thinking of going crazy already. Dropped authkit
solution because it was no good and you are my last hope before creating my
own authorization/authentication solution. So, basically it is not working

In more words, the last error message is "wrong credentials" - for some
unknown reason the application can not contact DB. After playing (some
days), I gave up and decided to move on, maybe there is some stupid error
which I haven't seen.

Then I changed user/group/permission from declarative class definition to
table + class + orm mapping and now I've a following error:

TypeError: _get_password() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given). The error
itself occurs on this line in websetup.py:
     foo.password = u'foo'  ->

Error is solvable if _get_password function is defined as
_get_password(self, nothing=None). The bad thing of all is that in DB in
user table, all passwords fields are empty.

And for last most confusing is this...when I click on a link pointing to
"Sign in" page I get an error "KeyError: 'repoze.who.logins'". Has anybody
have any idea why is this happening?

Best regards,
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