Hi Nathan,

We use nginx as our main (and only) web front-end, so I had the same

I have looked into mod_wsgi and found these two blog posts (not directly
answering your question though)


Especially the last one (by the author of Apache mod_wsgi) makes a
good argument why mod_wsgi (at least in it's current incarnation) might
not be a good choice.

The point is really that nginx uses asynchronous non-blocking IO, while
bfg blocks to load the model.

I have thought about what it would take to make nginx work with bfg
(or similar WSGI frameworks). I think hat you would have to
move around the architecture significantly to incorporate non-blocking I/O.

It also seems mod_wsgi for nginx is not really maintained.

I am still in the development phase, but right now I am planning on
proxy'ing from nginx to an application sever.
I have seen several comments that point to FastCGI as a good option.
You could also use Apache with mod_wsgi as your app server and proxy
to it.

I have found quite a lot of information (message boards etc.) on how
to proxy from nginx to Pylons apps. Almost all of that should also
apply to bfg.

Hope this helps, would like to hear if you find out anything else.

  -- Stephan

Nathan Van Gheem wrote:
> Anyone ever deploy repoze.bfg on nginx with mod_wsgi?  Right now I'm
> just using proxy_pass to the paster serve for repoze.bfg, but it just
> seems more natural if this could be done using mod_wsgi.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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