Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but figured someone might be
able to help!

I am making a meta class to build schemas, the api for declaring a
schema will look something like this:

class MySchema(ViewFieldSchema):
    age = TextField.reg(label='Age')
    name = TextField.reg(label='Name')
    species = TextField.reg(label='Age')

ViewFieldSchema uses a metaclass ( as do the Field base classes ) to do
their stuff, and that's working fine. The thing I don't know how to do
is preserve the *order* of the fields. I thought I would be able to hook
into the declaration process by using the ViewFieldSchemaMeta
__setattr__ but I guess I was wrong there. Thought I'd check if anyone
has a quick answer before I wade into the zope attribute or toscawidget
metaclass code...


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