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Eric W. Brown wrote:
>>> >> I just released version 0.3 of repoze.urispace today, ...
> Is it on Pypi?  Only 0.2 seems to be showing up.  I see the unreleased  
> 0.3 on svn.repoze.org, but that kind of puts us back in the original  
> spot of not being able to do a straight egg-based buildout, only  
> instead of repoze.dvselect being the oddball it's now  
> repoze.urispace.  It works (as it did before) but it's a lot harder to  
> explain to someone who's not already fairly adept.
>> I have just released repoze.dvselect 0.1 to PyPI, with the changes I
>> proposed (uses assertions set by "upstream" repoze.urispace).
> I do see repoze.dvselect 0.1 now, though, but it requires  
> repoze.urispace 0.3, so buildouts using it break without the extra  
> part to do the SVN checkout.
> Actually it looks like it won't quite work yet -- the SVN version of  
> repoze.urispace is 0.3dev and repoze.dvselect wants >=0.3, so even  
> when one manually checks out urispace first, dvselect isn't happy.
> Thanks, I think this should solve problems for a lot of people once  
> it's stable.  After just a short time working with it, the Plone /  
> repoze.zope / URIspace / Deliverance combination is now my favorite  
> way of customizing a Plone site.  It's really a killer combo.

AIYAH!  I hadn't meant to make dvselect 0.1 depend on urispace 0.3.  Oh
well, I just released urispace 0.3 to fix that problem.

> BTW, on a totally different note, congrats on BFG 1.0.

Thanks!  I think it looks pretty good at this point.

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