On Wed, 2009-07-08 at 02:36 -0400, Chris McDonough wrote:
> We don't have a convention for "flash".  I've been remiss in seeing how the 
> other frameworks implement this, but I *think* something like this would be 
> closest:
> return render_template_to_response('some/template.pt', message='Updated')
> And in the template:
> <div class="someclass">${message}</div>

Thanks Chris. The convention in the other frameworks that I've used is
that the message is 'flashed' when handling the update from a post, and
displayed after the redirect, to avoid the problem when a user hits
resend after a post that should not occur twice. So usually the flash
helper is a simple utility to set, read, and wipe a session variable or
cookie. I guess bfg is not making any assumptions about session vars or
cookies though?

If you are thinking of adding such a thing to bfg, I'll hold off on my
own ( or use a really crappy one ). Can we set a simple cookie with
webob maybe as an ultralight version that doesn't depend on a particular
method of storing session vars?  


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