Tres Seaver wrote:

> I haven't had a chance to look at it, and likely won't have for a bit. I
> would be glad to apply a patch and release a new version, if that would
> help.

Actually, the immediate reason for the registration of the directive to
break seems to have been fixed on the trunk back in May. Therefore, just
cutting a bug-fix release would be very helpful.

> I do know that newer versions of Sphinx are supposed to provide some
> additional support for plugins like autointerface:  the release notes for
> 0.6[1] say:
>  Autodoc now has a reusable Python API, which can be used to create custom
>  types of objects to auto-document (e.g. Zope interfaces). See also
>  Sphinx.add_autodocumenter().

OK, I've taken a glance at this, and it looks rather like a rewrite of the
whole thing. I think I'd like to have that, so I might find some time for
it at some point, but certainly not right away. Thank you for the pointer,


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