2009/7/8 Maciek Starzyk <mstar...@gmail.com>:
> So this looks like either a documentation problem, or a bug in the code.

This is a bug; I will look into it.

> 2. Attributes of a repeat variable in the examples are used without
> parentheses at the end (like "repeat.item.number"), while the docs say:
> """With the exception of start, end, and index, all of the attributes of a
> repeat variable are methods and must be called explicitly, e.g.
> repeat['item'].length()."""
> In fact, when the parens are skipped, then the method name is displayed in
> the rendered page, something like:

This is a carry-over documentation bug from when the documentation was
written for the z3c.pt package, which has a different default
expression type (not Python).

> Please look into that, I can file a bug report if needed.

This'll work as a report; I'll look into both issues when I get back
in the weekend.


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