On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 7:37 PM, Iain Duncan<iaindun...@telus.net> wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone manages to run bfg apps from within plone, and
> if so, do they have any examples up online? I'd love to be able to pass
> traversal from the plone-zope publisher to the repoze publisher, but I'm
> very new to this whole zope thing so maybe I'm smoking crack. Any
> suggestions on integrating bfg with plone much appreciated.

I think it won't work (without serious trouble) this way around. What
might work is to use bfg with a repoze.zope2 based Plone in the same
process. Put BFG first and hand of traversal to Plone for some URL's.

You won't gain much with that, though and running the two apps as two
separate processes and mangling urls in something in front like Apache
is probably easier. You can still connect to same underlying ZODB if
you want to share data.

Think of this problem more in line of integrating a PHP based app and
BFG. There's hardly anything that is reusable from one to the other
besides the underlying database. Just because both systems happen to
be Python with Plone and BFG, doesn't change that much really.

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