I did a little work on repoze.sphinx.autoinclude to update it for the 
API changes in Sphinx 0.6. There is one noticable change compared to 
current trunk: there is a new 'interface' directive you can use for 
interfaces. It works exactly like the standard 'class' directive.

None of the old test code worked with the new code and was not very 
easily reusable, so I've removed it for now. That means the new code is 
fully untested. Unfortunately I will not be able to do any more work on 
it in the next 3 weeks since I'll be off on vacation on a bit end of 
this week. I'm hoping someone else will be able to add some tests in the 
meantime. If not my work-schedule after the vacation is frightfully 
empty at the moment so I should have time to do it then.


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