On 2009-8-19 23:48, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> I did a little work on repoze.sphinx.autoinclude to update it for the
>> API changes in Sphinx 0.6. There is one noticable change compared to
>> current trunk: there is a new 'interface' directive you can use for
>> interfaces. It works exactly like the standard 'class' directive.
>> None of the old test code worked with the new code and was not very
>> easily reusable, so I've removed it for now. That means the new code is
>> fully untested. Unfortunately I will not be able to do any more work on
>> it in the next 3 weeks since I'll be off on vacation on a bit end of
>> this week. I'm hoping someone else will be able to add some tests in the
>> meantime. If not my work-schedule after the vacation is frightfully
>> empty at the moment so I should have time to do it then.
> Sorry for the delay in replying:  I kept meaning to get back to you, but
> my own schedule got in the way.  I'm happy with seeing any maintenance
> on r.s.a at all, but likely won't get back to work on it anytime in the
> foreseeable future.

Would you be agreeable to making a release (or me making the release if 
you give me pypi access) based on my changes, even without new tests? 
That will allow people to start using autoinclude while we/I find the 
time to restore the missing tests.


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