Hi everyone,
I'm glad to take my first step in the open-source world :)

Just to let you know that repoze.who.plugins.cas has just been released.
Obviously, it is a plugin for repoze.who that rely on a CAS server.

This application may contains bugs (in fact, I already know some of
them, and will fix it when I can),
thus do not hesitate to fork this project.

You can get more documentation at :
* http://pypi.python.org/pypi/repoze.who.plugins.cas
* http://github.com/djcoin/repoze.who.plugins.cas/tree/master

This is my first open-source contribution ever and I did not know any
Python before this summer, so... I hope it won't be too bad!
I'm currently studying computer sciences (master 1) at the Nantes's
university and have been in internship in an open-source company, Makina
Corpus (http://www.makina-corpus.com/), during this summer (actually,
two people from Makina Corpus - see them on on the links above - now
maintain this work as my internship is ending).

Simon Th├ępot.

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