Hi Robert

I am coming pretty late to your discussion about owrap, from what I have
gleaned it does look interesting and potentially very
useful for a project I am working on.

>From looking at the code and the dummyapp it looks like its almost inverting
the relationship between a views template and the owrap views template
vs the traditional templating model in plone for instance where your view
invokes main template and you fill slots.  Does that make sense ?

How do you see it really being used compared with what I am used to from
plone land and what I am doing in bfg-pages.

I specifically I am looking to address sidebar/portlet type functionality
with repoze.bfg on top of app engine as well as a general strategy of
complex pages from many components based not only on content type but other
properties of the content itself, and broader contexts.

I am using full zpt/metal so I am pretty comfortable approaching this using
macros, but conceptually I see some advantages if my interpretation of
owrap is correct.

Any thoughts. I will be in position to do some experiments in a couple of
days if that would also help you in exploring where you take owrap


Tim Hoffman
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