> According to:
> http://code.gustavonarea.net/repoze.who.plugins.ldap/
> Gustavo is the maintainer.  It isn't yet in the repoze SVN, as far as
> I can tell.

I wrote a mail to him, but I got no answer so far.
> Could you provide more context on how you are trying to use
> repoze.who and its plugins?  What framework are you using, etc.?  Are
> you able to authenticate with a different set of plugins (e.g., an
> .htaccess file)?

I'm using turbogears 2.
The problem I ran into is that the login page of a initial tg2 project
does somehow not
count as identity for the ldap plugin. In the demo project there is a
different login form,
and I don't really understand  the mechanism for those identities. I'd
like to use the
tg2 standard login form based on the tg2 templates with the repoze LDAP

The second problem is that our LDAP server needs authentication with a
special account
first in order to lookup the dn of the user based on the ldap attribute
uid. This is not yet
supported by the repoze plugin and I need some help to implement this.

The behavior I'd like to have:
- LDAP login with DN Lookup
- LDAP filter to specify allowed groups
- After login, the user is added to the local sa database if it not exists
- Special attributes for the LDAP user are stored in the local sa database

So I need to fine out how to:
- use the login form
- add parameters to the who.ini file
- create users in the local sa database from the repoze LDAP plugin

Thanks for your help !


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