André said:
> > According to:
> >
> > http://code.gustavonarea.net/repoze.who.plugins.ldap/
> >
> > Gustavo is the maintainer.  It isn't yet in the repoze SVN, as far as
> > I can tell.

Right; that's supposed to be on my TODO list, but I created that plugin for a 
project I was working on and now it doesn't use LDAP, that's why it's kinda 

> I wrote a mail to him, but I got no answer so far.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I have final exams at the university in a few 
weeks and later on I should be moving to another country, so these days nearly 
all my time is spent studying and processing paperwork :/

> > Could you provide more context on how you are trying to use
> > repoze.who and its plugins?  What framework are you using, etc.?  Are
> > you able to authenticate with a different set of plugins (e.g., an
> > .htaccess file)?
> I'm using turbogears 2.
> The problem I ran into is that the login page of a initial tg2 project
> does somehow not
> count as identity for the ldap plugin. In the demo project there is a
> different login form,
> and I don't really understand  the mechanism for those identities. I'd
> like to use the
> tg2 standard login form based on the tg2 templates with the repoze LDAP
> plugin.

If you're keeping the default Repoze auth integration in TG2, it should work 
after you add your LDAP authenticator as explained in:

If not, make sure your identificator and your login form use the expected 
names for the userid and the password.

> The second problem is that our LDAP server needs authentication with a
> special account
> first in order to lookup the dn of the user based on the ldap attribute
> uid. This is not yet
> supported by the repoze plugin and I need some help to implement this.
> The behavior I'd like to have:
> - LDAP login with DN Lookup
> - LDAP filter to specify allowed groups
> - After login, the user is added to the local sa database if it not exists
> - Special attributes for the LDAP user are stored in the local sa database

I'd be really useful for more people, so please don't hesitate to provide a 
patch if you want to ;-)

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