Hi all,

First, thanks for the dialog. Helpful answers prompted by helpful questions. And thanks to Chris, Agendaless, and contributors, for Repoze. I think I like it! Looking forward to trying chameleon.

So.. I'm just experimenting and I find adding routes to the virginia example to work differently from my initial expectation.

I added :


before the default views in configure.zcml.

and to views.py I added:

def render_tile(context, request):
    path_info = request.environ['PATH_INFO']
    return Response(repr(path_info))

My immediate goal is to have render_tile generate all content under / t, while everything else comes from the content directory. You can see that currently render_tile simply renders a Response with the subpath info as the page text.

lynx should yield '/t/x', and it does, IF I comment out all the view declarations in configure.zcml

If I leave in all those views, I get

    No default view for /home/russ/bfgenv/repoze.virginia/content

I'm guessing that I may need to change the model to make this work.

Any thoughts?



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