> Right; that's supposed to be on my TODO list, but I created that plugin for a 
> project I was working on and now it doesn't use LDAP, that's why it's kinda 
> abandoned.
I understand. Hopefully my project can bring the needed features :)

>> I wrote a mail to him, but I got no answer so far.
> Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I have final exams at the university in a few 
> weeks and later on I should be moving to another country, so these days 
> nearly 
> all my time is spent studying and processing paperwork :/
no problem :)
>> The behavior I'd like to have:
>> - LDAP login with DN Lookup
>> - LDAP filter to specify allowed groups
>> - After login, the user is added to the local sa database if it not exists
>> - Special attributes for the LDAP user are stored in the local sa database
> I'd be really useful for more people, so please don't hesitate to provide a 
> patch if you want to ;-)
sure !

I got the following working by now:
- LDAP auth with DN lookup (with or without password)
- "Normal" tg2-users are able to login as well
- the metadata is read from LDAP
- the standard tg2 login form is used

What is not working as expected:
When the login fails, the browser is redirected to / instead of /login.
This breaks
the standard tg2 behavior, an error message is never displayed.
What is responsible for the redirection after a failed login ? the
redirecting_plugin ?

Now I'd like to use the groups from LDAP. Do I assume right that this
would be handled
by a repoze.what.plugin ?
Does such a plugin exist ?

Thanks for your help

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