Hi folks, not sure if this should be on pylons or here. I'm using the
repoze.what pylons quickstart code, and I'm having problems with the
fact that when @protect_action fails, it tries to call the login action
*for the current controller*. This is causing me pain when my controller
is a wsgi wrapper ( to a bfg app ) because I have routes that gobble all
sub paths and pass them on to the bfg app. So instead of /login going to
the route controller, it gets eaten up. I have hacked around it by
having routes rules like so:

map.connect('/admin', controller='admin', path_info='/', )
# need next rule else third admin rule will catch /admin/login
map.connect('/admin/login', controller='root', action='login')
map.connect('/admin/{path_info:.*}',controller='admin',action='default' )

but it doesn't seem so elegant. Can anyone tell me why the following
tries to call /admin/login and not the root /login, and how to change
that behaviour.

( here's the controller in question ):

# longhanded way of wrapping dram so we can use repoze.what decorators
class AdminController(BaseController):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        BaseController.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) 
        self.dram = DramApp(package=ymh.model, global_config=config)

    def default(self, environ):
        response = self.dram(environ, self.start_response)
        return response

So in the above when the protect_action fails, it tries to take me
to /admin/login, which I don't want.

let me know if this should have gone to pylons!

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