Hi folks, I'm working on breaking out a project into bits, including
some in bfg, some in pylons, and an abstract model that lives in it's
own middleware. What I want to have happen is for all parts to share one
zca registry, but my experiments so far are turning up naught. Some

- how would I get at the site manager from within the bfg code? I tried 
getGlobalSiteManager, but it doesn't seem to turn up anything when I ask
the gsm for registeredAdapters, even though I put them in there

- would it be possible somehow to use the same zcml from my abstract
model? If so, how would one go about creating a registry manually from a
given zcml file? 

- would it be better to manually make my registry in some middleware and
allow bfg to use it somehow? That seems to make the most sense to me
from a design perspective, but I've no idea how I'd go about it.


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