The repoze.bfg web framework version 1.1a6 has been released.

You can install it via:

    easy_install -i http://dist.repoze.org/bfg/dev/simple repoze.bfg

Highlights: new "xhr", "accept", and "header" predicates in view directives, 
internal changes to supports the Python dictionary API against the ZCA registry 
(forward compatibility with BFG 2.0, which will be based on a system which will 
make use of this feature).


- Add ``xhr``, ``accept``, and ``header`` view configuration
   predicates to ZCML view declaration, ZCML route declaration, and
   ``bfg_view`` decorator.  See the ``Views`` narrative documentation
   chapter for more information about these predicates.

- Add ``setUp`` and ``tearDown`` functions to the
   ``repoze.bfg.testing`` module.  Using ``setUp`` in a test setup and
   ``tearDown`` in a test teardown is now the recommended way to do
   component registry setup and teardown.  Previously, it was
   recommended that a single function named
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp`` be called in both the test setup and
   tear down.  ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp`` still exists (and will
   exist "forever" due to its widespread use); it is now just an alias
   for ``repoze.bfg.testing.setUp`` and is nominally deprecated.

- The BFG component registry is now available in view and event
   subscriber code as an attribute of the request
   ie. ``request.registry``.  This fact is currently undocumented
   except for this note, because BFG developers never need to interact
   with the registry directly anywhere else.

- The BFG component registry now inherits from ``dict``, meaning that
   it can optionally be used as a simple dictionary.  *Component*
   registrations performed against it via e.g. ``registerUtility``,
   ``registerAdapter``, and similar API methods are kept in a
   completely separate namespace than its dict members, so using the
   its component API methods won't effect the keys and values in the
   dictionary namespace.  Likewise, though the component registry
   "happens to be" a dictionary, use of mutating dictionary methods
   such as ``__setitem__`` will have no influence on any component
   registrations made against it.  In other words, the registry object
   you obtain via e.g. ``repoze.bfg.threadlocal.get_current_registry``
   or ``request.registry`` happens to be both a component registry and
   a dictionary, but using its component-registry API won't impact data
   added to it via its dictionary API and vice versa.  This is a
   forward compatibility move based on the goals of "marco".

- Expose and document ``repoze.bfg.testing.zcml_configure`` API.  This
   function populates a component registry from a ZCML file for testing
   purposes.  It is documented in the "Unit and Integration Testing"


- Virtual hosting narrative docs chapter updated with info about

- Point all index URLs at the literal 1.1 index (this alpha cycle may
   go on a while).

- Various tutorial test modules updated to use
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.setUp`` and ``repoze.bfg.testing.tearDown``
   methods in order to encourage this as best practice going forward.

- Added "Creating Integration Tests" section to unit testing narrative
   documentation chapter.  As a result, the name of the unittesting
   chapter is now "Unit and Integration Testing".

Backwards Incompatibilities

- Importing ``getSiteManager`` and ``get_registry`` from
   ``repoze.bfg.registry`` is no longer supported.  These imports were
   deprecated in repoze.bfg 1.0.  Import of ``getSiteManager`` should
   be done as ``from zope.component import getSiteManager``.  Import of
   ``get_registry`` should be done as ``from repoze.bfg.threadlocal
   import get_current_registry``.  This was done to prevent a circular
   import dependency.

- Code bases which alternately invoke both
   ``zope.testing.cleanup.cleanUp`` and ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp``
   (treating them equivalently, using them interchangeably) in the
   setUp/tearDown of unit tests will begin to experience test failures
   due to lack of test isolation.  The "right" mechanism is
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp`` (or the combination of
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.setUp`` and
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.tearDown``). but a good number of legacy
   codebases will use ``zope.testing.cleanup.cleanUp`` instead.  We
   support ``zope.testing.cleanup.cleanUp`` but not in combination with
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp`` in the same codebase.  You should use
   one or the other test cleanup function in a single codebase, but not


- Created new ``repoze.bfg.configuration`` module which assumes
   responsibilities previously held by the ``repoze.bfg.registry`` and
   ``repoze.bfg.router`` modules (avoid a circular import dependency).

- The result of the ``zope.component.getSiteManager`` function in unit
   tests set up with ``repoze.bfg.testing.cleanUp`` or
   ``repoze.bfg.testing.setUp`` will be an instance of
   ``repoze.bfg.registry.Registry`` instead of the global
   ``zope.component.globalregistry.base`` registry.  This also means
   that the threadlocal ZCA API functions such as ``getAdapter`` and
   ``getUtility`` as well as internal BFG machinery (such as
   ``model_url`` and ``route_url``) will consult this registry within
   unit tests. This is a forward compatibility move based on the goals
   of "marco".

- Removed ``repoze.bfg.testing.addCleanUp`` function and associated
   module-scope globals.  This was never an API.
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