Here's what's going to happen with BFG in the next few months:

- BFG 1.1 will be released.  This will happen fairly soon, hopefully within
   the next two weeks or so.

- After BFG 1.1 is released, work will begin on BFG 2.0.

- A small amount of backwards compatibility shedding will occur in BFG 2.0,
   but applications which do not use ZCML "hooks" and which use only documented
   APIs should run unchanged.  This is the goal, in any case.

- The 1.X series and 2.X series will be maintained in parallel for the
   foreseeable future.  For instance, there will almost certainly be
   a BFG 1.2, a BFG 1.3, etc.  However, changes made to the code in the
   1.X series will be more likely to be bugfixes and forward compatibility
   changes than ambitious feature addititions.

I'm hopeful that we'll be collaborating more closely with folks from the Pylons 
project during the development of BFG 2.0, and that our respective projects can 
begin to share more core code than they currently do.  This will be the major 
focus of 2.0 development.

- C
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