Steve Schmechel wrote:
> Is there a proper way to invoke bfgshell in a ZODB project?
> (The code and configuration I am using is exactly from the tutorial 
> and everything else works fine.)

The last argument you pass, "main" needs to change.. it needs to match the name 
of the "app" section in the ini file.  The .ini file generated for ZODB 
projects has an app section that looks something like:

use = egg:bfgzodb#app
reload_templates = true
debug_authorization = false
debug_notfound = false
zodb_uri = file://%(here)s/Data.fs?connection_cache_size=20000

Therefore, for projects generated using the ZODB template, this name is "zodb".

$ bin/paster --plugin=repoze.bfg bfgshell tutorial.ini zodb

- C

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