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mcdonc: so malthe wrt this difference between 1.1a8 and 1.1b3, can you send me 
sample view config zcml so i can figure out wtf happened because i cant see 
anything obvious 
in the changelong
[5:00pm] malthe: mcdonc:
[5:00pm] malthe: if I switch the order, it breaks.
[5:00pm] malthe: the "general" view is taken over the one that names a 
``route_name``, even if 
the request has the interface of that route.
[5:02pm] mcdonc: thanks
[5:02pm] malthe: i tried to test it, but everything just passed
[5:02pm] malthe: let me send you the diff
[5:03pm] malthe: mcdonc:
[5:04pm] mcdonc: k

assignedto: chrism
messages: 297
nosy: chrism
priority: bug
status: in-progress
title: View resolution ordering differences between BFG 1.1a8 and 1.1b3

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