Hi Chris

I am trying to register some views directly through python and not
using the view decorator,
I have tried using code very similiar to repoze.bfg.testing.

However after doing so, whilst I can look the view up by doing
a zope.component.queryMultiAdapter((context,request),IView,name="myview")
and alternately getting the site manager first.

However the router never seems to be able to find the views I have
registered in this fashion.

If I have a look in the registry (pdb'ing repoze.bfg.router) I can see
the registrations in _adapter_registrations
however loopkup() never seems to find them.

Is there some additional strange incantation that I am missing , or
got any alternate suggestions for approachs.

I am trying to defer my startup costs under app engine, and a whole
lot of zcml is not required to be processed depending on the type of
That seems to hard to defer, so moving to explicit python
registrations seems to be the better approach, and works for anything
directly looked up via getMutliAdapter.


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