New submission from Josip Delic <>:

After updating to newer version of repoze.bfg, i've got this error. 

When i remove the level keyword it works. In repoze.bfg.renderers is it also

line 17, in renderer_factory
        return template_renderer_factory(path, Jinja2TemplateRenderer, 
    ConfigurationExecutionError: <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>:
template_renderer_factory() got an unexpected keyword argument 'level'

assignedto: chrism
files: level.patch
messages: 332
nosy: chrism, delijati
priority: bug
status: unread
title: unexpected keyword argument 'level' repoze.bfg.jinja2 (bfg 1.2a2)
topic: repoze.bfg

Repoze Bugs <>
---	2009-11-30 18:00:40.067922675 +0100
+++	2009-11-30 17:58:39.835423207 +0100
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
 from repoze.bfg.renderers import template_renderer_factory
 from repoze.bfg.settings import get_settings
-def renderer_factory(path, level=4):
-    return template_renderer_factory(path, Jinja2TemplateRenderer, level=level)
+def renderer_factory(path):
+    return template_renderer_factory(path, Jinja2TemplateRenderer)
 class Jinja2TemplateRenderer(object):
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