Tim Hoffman wrote:
> Hi Folks
> I have been working on a site (www.polytechnic.wa.edu.au)  based on
> repoze.bfg running on app engine for the last few months.

Hey, cool, Python people in WA. :) And for you ignorant Americans, 
that's not Washington, that's Western Australia.

Nice site, too.

> (I don't do visual design I just make it run). It uses bfg-pages
> (http://code.google.com/p/bfg-pages/) for zpt templating and appengine
> datamodel traversal so
> that it can reflect large amounts of the plone structure.

That's quite interesting.

> All of the
> custom entities used are designed in Enterprise Architect and the
> python classes and interface definitions
> are generated directly from the UML model.

You mean Sparx EA? How do you use it?

> Beaker is used for session management middleware with a custom plugin
> to put sessions into memcache.
> Formish is used for the few forms we use in appengine (mainly site
> configuration and our own concept of actions and portlets for
> appengine)
> Content is authored in Plone (running on EC2) which is then pushed
> from plone to appengine.

What do you use for the push?

> Course data is  extracted from a SQLServer database and pushed into
> plone where it is annotated and then published to appengine
> All content is indexed on solr (also running on ec2)  for searching
> from appengine (appengine doesn't have any text search capability
> worth mentioning) .


> We had a few teething problems in the last week where our production
> instance's performance was being affected by things happening inside
> google.
> Which turns out be a known problem (for google engineering that is ;-)
> In the last 24 hours we moved all of the data to a new instance and
> all seems well so far (fingers crossed).

Good job!

Out of curiosity, why did you choose to go with an EC2 + GAE setup 
instead of just using EC2 or doing some other cheap hosting?


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