Hi All,

I found that the recipe [1] to run repoze.bfg on gae **almost** works.

The failure was that the resulting fresh application loads Chameleon via:

<include package="repoze.bfg.includes" />

which is included in paster jinja2 template configure.zcml [2]

Just removing this line gets the app up and running but is missing
directives from repoze.zcml:meta.zcml

I see 2 options:

1. replace the above mentioned include with the following in the
jinja2 paster template (attached patch.diff)

<include package="repoze.zcml" file="meta.zcml" />

... which has the drawback that those using the paster template do not
have Chameleon (desirable in gae but perhaps not in other scenarios).

2. Make a mention in the tutorial (perhaps as in attached doc.diff)

Hope that is helpful,
Darryl Cousins

[1] http://docs.repoze.org/bfg/1.2/tutorials/gae/index.html

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