Sorry, if some of these questions are inane, but I am try to 
get proficient at participating in IRC again after many years 
away.  (There is apparently more activity on the Repoze IRC channel
than on this list, so I guess I better learn if I want to participate.)

General searches for IRC related info tend to return things from people
who spend maybe too much of their life "chatting".  So, I thought I 
would ask other developers who use IRC as a communication tool more
than a social recreation.

I noticed that the channel archive at 
only provides the last 100 messages.  Since I didn't stay connected 
to the channel yesterday, I missed a possible response to someone else's
question about the status of Chameleon and Google App Engine.
By the time I looked at the archive the window had rolled past so I
don't know if anyone answered.  (I know I could ask again; just trying
to get things configured so that this doesn't happen often.)

Judging from the channel name list, most people here are connected to
freenode at all times.

So, the ChatZilla Firefox plugin I started with is probably is not 
going to serve me well.  I tried toying with Pidgin and now irssi.
What are most people here using as a client?

Is there some other way to use the channel archive or a different 
archive?  Hopefully, there will always be a live (awake) person
to talk to, but with different timezones and such and network 
connections that might go out, I hate to end up asking "Did someone
answer my question?".  (Or repost the same question to the mailing
list because I missed the answer.)

I apologize if there is some simple technical solution to all this
that I missed (magic IRC proxy server or something), but I do 
appreciate a quick point in the right direction.

Thank you,

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