I'm having some very odd behavior with using repoze.zope2. The site is being
served using repoze.vhm#vhm_xheaders filter. The correct site is served;
however, it seems that content editors can not see the content actions drop
down menus(Actions, Display, Add new..., etc). More specially, when using
repoze.vhm, the "plone.contentactions" viewlet will *NOT* be called on any
page except the home page.

If I remove the repoze.vhm filter, the issue does not occur. I have not dug
too deep into the issue yet. I kind of wanted to post here and see if anyone
else has seen this issue and if there is something simple I may be doing

some version info...
repoze.zope2 = 1.0.3
repoze.vhm = 0.11
Plone = 3.3.3
Zope2 = 2.10.9

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