The current bfg docs do not seem to explain add_route very well. The URL 
dispatch section briefly mentions its existance, but does not show 
anything beyond a very trivial usage. Trying to use it it seems that you 
have to pass a Python callable directly as view parameter, instead of a 
reference to a callable as the docstring for add_route seems to imply. 
Note that I am interpreting 'reference to' as a dotted path, since 
otherwise you would not be using a reference but the actual thing. This 
is a bit awkward since it means you have to import all your view code 
from Would it be possible to support dotted paths in add_route 
(and thus add_view as well)?

Relatedly it seems there is a flaw in the add_view example in the views 
chapter. It has this example:

    config.add_view(name='my_view', request_method='POST', for_=MyModel,

which is missing the view parameter.


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