Hello, everyone.

I stopped using the repoze.who LDAP plugin shortly after the initial release 
because LDAP didn't last too much in the organization I was working for, and 
none of the software I maintain at present uses that plugin.

So I think it'd be best if someone who does use it could take over it. I'm 
sure that will benefit the people who is already using it and those who will 
use it.

Until I find a maintainer, I think you'll see new releases if and only if 
critical issues are found.

It should be very easy to maintain. It's fully documented and tested, small, 
and PEP-8 compliant. Check launchpad.net to learn about the few pending 

I also meant to replace the license with the Repoze license. I guess I'll do 
it when I get to work on the "handover".

Is anyone interested?

Gustavo Narea <xri://=Gustavo>.
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