On 2010-1-17 07:33, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> repoze.zope2 and .plone have been written largely by Agendaless for
>> the KARL project. That project has gone through another iteration and
>> nowadays uses repoze.bfg without any Plone instead. While there are
>> some individual users of the repoze.plone approach, there's currently
>> no driving party behind it anymore.
> Specifically, we should point out that:
>    - repoze.zope2 is a re-implementation of ZPublisher that is more WSGI
> compatible. There are probably at least a dozen people using this
> "seriously". It's clearly not mainstream, but it also has some
> interested stakeholders.
>    - repoze.plone and the zopelib package were ways to get everything to
> build properly before Zope and plone were eggified. With Plone 4 / Zope
> 2.12, they are both completely unnecessarily. With Plone 3.2+ and Zope
> 2.10, repoze.plone is unnecessary, and zopelib can be emulated by
> installing a regular Zope installation using plone.recipe.zope2install.

There is something to consider: I suspect more things are started to 
require the new publisher events from Zope2, either directly or via one 
of the backport packages for Zope 2.10. I'm not sure if repoze.zope2 
supports those.


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