Chris McDonough wrote:
> repoze.bfg 1.2b1 has been released.  It is available via:
>    easy_install -i repoze.bfg
> Or via PyPI.
> The docs at have been updated.

Yay! :-)

I've been following BFG 1.2 releases for a project.  BFG 1.2 is shaping 
up to be a solid release.

Since you're working in this area, I wonder if you could clarify 
something for me.  In my application, I registered a utility using a BFG 
ZCML directive, but when I tried to use the utility, I found that no 
utilities were registered at all.  I solved the problem by adding a call 
to hook_zca() in my, mimicking some code I found in BFG.  So the 
end of my now looks like this:

     config = Configurator(settings=settings, root_factory=root_factory)
     return config.make_wsgi_app()

Is this a sensible solution?


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