repoze.bfg 1.2b3 has been released.

Install via:

   easy_install -i repoze.bfg

Or via PyPI.

The changelog is as follows:

1.2b3 (2010-01-24)

Bug Fixes

- When "hybrid mode" (both traversal and urldispatch) is in use,
   default to finding route-related views even if a non-route-related
   view registration has been made with a more specific context.  The
   default used to be to find views with a more specific context first.
   Use the new ``use_global_views`` argument to the route definition to
   get back the older behavior.


- Add ``use_global_views`` argument to ``add_route`` method of
   Configurator.  When this argument is true, views registered for *no*
   route will be found if no more specific view related to the route is

- Add ``use_global_views`` attribute to ZCML ``<route>`` directive
   (see above).


- When registering a view, register the view adapter with the
   "requires" interfaces as ``(request_type, context_type)`` rather
   than ``(context_type, request_type)``.  This provides for saner
   lookup, because the registration will always be made with a specific
   request interface, but registration may not be made with a specific
   context interface.  In general, when creating multiadapters, you
   want to order the requires interfaces so that the the elements which
   are more likely to be registered using specific interfaces are
   ordered before those which are less likely.
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