I want to design web application, which can be installable, like trac.
For the first time I've made "my own framework" around
repoze.component+repoze.configuration with werkzeug for WSGI stuff.
But now, I want to switch to repoze.bfg. So, I have some questions.

In my framework each installation represented by directory with
settings file and component configuration file. There are also
subdirectory for logs, pidfile and other stuff. In settings I have
list of packages to import and to read component configuration from.
So, installed application represented by Environment object (some kind
of Configurator in repoze?) with repoze.component.Registry and parsed
settings file.

But I do not understand how to achieve the same functionality with
repoze.bfg. -- should I treat each installed instance of my
application as setuptools-enabled python package, for example? How I
can get Configurator read ZCML from my installation and how to inject
my settings file into application?

Another goal for me is to run my application under eventlet/gevent (it
is coroutine based async network library). The possible problem here
is extensive use of threadlocals in repoze.bfg. But I think it can be
resolved by monkey patching threadlocals to make them greenletlocals.

Sorry for my english, thanks.

Andrey Popp, 8may...@gmail.com
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