I'll be at PyCon this year in Atlanta.  However, unlike last year, I haven't 
yet stepped up to sponsor/run any particular sprint.

I have some definite ideas about things I'd like to sprint on.  But I'm not 
comfortable working on either task as the "leader" of a group dedicated to 
finishing any of the tasks I have in mind: either the task is too trivial to 
even *have* a group working on it or it's too complicated to have a group 
working on it *yet*.

So "Repoze" as a technology is currently sprint-less at PyCon.  if you're 
interested in making this not so, please propose a Repoze-related sprint and 
volunteer yourself as sprint leader via 
http://us.pycon.org/2010/sprints/projects/ .  I'd attend! ;-)

- C
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