Yeah, I guess it depends on how you read, then. I usually keep many
details in my memory of where things are in book is refer to a lot, so
I never use search. I prefer to quickly open the book near the page I
know has the information I want. Of course, I can see why many people
would never do this.

Carlos de la Guardia

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 11:30 AM, Martin Aspeli
<> wrote:
> Carlos de la Guardia wrote:
>> It depends on whether you plan to read the technical book front to
>> cover in one go or use it as a reference. E-book readers are not very
>> good for the latter, because it's painful to quickly "thumb through"
>> the pages of the book to find something. There's no match for a paper
>> book for that.
> Interesting. I've found the opposite with readers of my book: People
> with the text version want a PDF copy too because it's easier to search,
> but prefer to read it in hard copy.
> Martin
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