BFG Open Space Summary

There was a BFG BOF at a PyCon Open Space this year.  I'll summarize
what we talked about here.


Folks expressed a desire for the following website improvements:

- Make documentation pages commentable.

- Create a section on the website about which
   production sites are using BFG.

- Provide better support for allowing contributed snippets about how
   to do "X" with repoze.bfg.

- Improve Google search rankings for documentation terms.

- Indicate on older docs pages that a newer release has come out.


- People would like to see a tutorial which hand-held people through
   the process of moving from a imperative configuration to a
   declarative configuration, and perhaps vice versa.


- General interest in continuing cooperation with Pylons to see what
   bits we can share.  Some effort is being made at the PyCon sprints
   to do just this.


There was some general agitation to move from SVN to a DVCS.  I think
there's general consensus that this is a good idea.  My reservations
are these:

- Any choice about which DVCS we make will be "wrong": it's still
   unclear which DVCS systems will "win" and which ones will "lose".
   If the DVCS we choose turns out to be the "wrong" one, we'll need to
   switch VC systems again in a couple of years.

- I don't know how we'd handle contributor agreements.

Even with these outstanding concerns and questions, I think we should
probably indeed move to a DVCS sometime soon -- maybe within the next
six months or so.  When we do, Agendaless will play the role of tyrant
and choose which DVCS that will be and how it gets set up, and how
contributor agreements are handled.  There's no way I can stop you
from expressing an opinion about how this process should work and the
concrete choice of DVCS, but personally I'm unlikely to respond;
please don't be disappointed if there isn't a resulting negotiation.

Chris McDonough
Agendaless Consulting, Fredericksburg VA
The repoze.bfg Web Application Framework Book:
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