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On 2/23/10 14:14 , Chris McDonough wrote:
> Documentation
> -------------
> - People would like to see a tutorial which hand-held people through
>     the process of moving from a imperative configuration to a
>     declarative configuration, and perhaps vice versa.

Interesting - I would have expected the other direction to be more 
popular. Do you know why people seem to prefer declarative?

> ----
> There was some general agitation to move from SVN to a DVCS.  I think
> there's general consensus that this is a good idea.  My reservations
> are these:
> - Any choice about which DVCS we make will be "wrong": it's still
>     unclear which DVCS systems will "win" and which ones will "lose".
>     If the DVCS we choose turns out to be the "wrong" one, we'll need to
>     switch VC systems again in a couple of years.
> - I don't know how we'd handle contributor agreements.
> Even with these outstanding concerns and questions, I think we should
> probably indeed move to a DVCS sometime soon -- maybe within the next
> six months or so.  When we do, Agendaless will play the role of tyrant
> and choose which DVCS that will be and how it gets set up, and how
> contributor agreements are handled.  There's no way I can stop you
> from expressing an opinion about how this process should work and the
> concrete choice of DVCS, but personally I'm unlikely to respond;
> please don't be disappointed if there isn't a resulting negotiation.

 From a personal perspective I'm likely to only contribute in the form 
of emailing patches if you move away from svn. Luckily I only contribute 
small things, so feel free to ignore me.

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