On 27 February 2010 12:10, Uli Fouquet <u...@gnufix.de> wrote:
> While trying to make megrok.chameleon compatible with zopetoolkit and
> groktoolkit package versions, I noticed that latest z3c.pt (1.1.0) and
> trunk are not completely compatible with Chameleon >= 1.1.0. The tests
> fail.

Do you think you can find time to try and reproduce this in straight Chameleon?

> I tried to fix it and it turned out, that compatibility problems result
> from different code generated by chameleon.core.codegen.Suite (while
> evaluating expressions in templates).

Certain things changed in this release.

> while Chameleon 1.1.2 generates for the same input::
>    'options/test'
>    result = econtext['econtext']['_path'](
>               econtext['econtext']['options'],
>               econtext['econtext']['request'], True, 'test')

Seems like the code that does the name transformation
(codegen.py:visit_Name) should include ``econtext`` to the list of
globally known symbols.

> This means that when executing the generated code, one has to make sure
> that the used locals are setup differently: econtext['econtext'] must
> exist to make the generated code work.

You're right that this shouldn't be necessary.

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