On 3/3/10 9:52 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> Please bear with us... we need to get a separate list set up for this and bug
>> tracker stuff.
> Is there any documentation on how you've set this up?

No, sorry.

>    - What are you using for test reporting? collective.xmltestreport or
> something else?

Here's the set of commands that get run to test e.g. repoze.bfg:

/opt/Python-2.6.4/bin/virtualenv --no-site-packages r$SVN_REVISION/

r$SVN_REVISION/bin/easy_install nose coverage nosexcover

cd repoze.bfg-trunk

../r$SVN_REVISION/bin/python setup.py develop

../r$SVN_REVISION/bin/python setup.py nosetests --with-xunit \

>    - How did you get Cobertura integration going? I've been using
> z3c.coverage + the NCover plugin, but yours looks nicer.

Vis nosexcover and using nose to run the tests (that's the --with-xunit and 
--with-xcoverage hair), then choosing "Publish Cobertura Coverage Report" in 
the configuration.

- C
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