> - a behavior change that may break folks who already rely on middleware
>  to convert webob exceptions to responses.

It is reasonable -1 for my proposal.

> It just becomes a bit of a rabbit hole.  The rabbit hole is avoided entirely
> if the we document that people should just put the
> webob.exc.HTTPExceptionMiddleware middleware into their WSGI pipeline if
> they want WebOb exceptions to be converted to responses.

Yes, it would be great, cause I did not know about existence of that
middleware before start of our discussion.

> OTOH, it'd be reasonable to provide a generic "exception view" facility like
> Zope's where users can map any exception type to a particular view; this is
> definitely less adhoc and requires less documentation.  I'd be +1 on such a
> feature, I think.  At least without thinking about it really hard at the
> moment. ;-)

I was thinking of this too — it is good to return control back to
application during handling of this kind of errors (4xx). Also it will
convert notfound/forbidden views from special cases of Router
processing cycle to special cases of "exception view".

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