On 3/29/10 5:07 PM, george hu wrote:
> I tried with
> |
> |paster create -t bfg_alchemy
> but i got "ValueError: No 'db_string' in application configuration.",
> According to the document, there are something like:
> $ mv bfgapp aside
> $ mv aside/bfgapp
> which in turns remove the .ini file, so how can I use sth like db_string
> = sqlite:///%(here)s/bfghack.db so I can have a repoze.bfg with sqlite
> db as the back end on the GAE?

While this has nothing to do with the error you report, you can't use SQLite on 
GAE this either.  Sorry.  On GAE you use their persistence API (BigTable) or 
nothing.  It just doesn't work any other way.

- C
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