I just want to ask — is it possible to use zope.contentprovider and 
zope.viewlet in particular with repoze.bfg and chameleon?  

I see the following steps to make zope.contentprovider and zope.viewlet work 
for me:

* Inject current view in template, because TALES expression for content 
providers make things work by adapting context, request, view (the last two 
already available inside template) to IContentProvider.

* Make TALES expressions work with Chameleon, are there any difficulties? I 
think there is an issue with zope.contentprovider/configure.zcml — condition on 
zope.app.pagetemplate installation is set.

* Make a request and my views implement a bunch of Zopish interfaces, such as 
IBrowserRequest, IBrowserView or reimplement ZCML directives to register 
viewlets against repoze.bfg-ish interfaces.

What do you think about this? Or maybe you can suggest me another solution for 
creating composable web UIs?


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