Hello again, I am trying to keep things separate, hence this second post ;)

On a very different subject I wondered if the "form" attribute that the 
bfg.formish machinery add to the request would not be a problem in case I would 
like to do "composite forms".
I.E. : having a page make up of various form snippet, for instance in the case 
of a form that show a master/slave relationship (composite relationship ;) ), 
or look into a way of making screen from various parts, some of them forms ...
I may be wrong but I see, for now, no way I would be able to agregate them in a 
template if they are all trying to hook request.form() ... ? 
Maybe the "form_id" of the formish:form could be used instead ?
Or am i completely wrong ?

thanks a lot for your time. ;)

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