Rendering more than one form per page isn't really anticipated by the 
repoze.bfg.formish package, sorry.  However, you can use "raw" formish to do 
that if you like, as formish does indeed render forms with separate form ids 
which get passed back via a hidden field when a form is submitted (to 

- C

On 4/2/10 12:18 PM, wrote:
> Hello again, I am trying to keep things separate, hence this second post ;)
> On a very different subject I wondered if the "form" attribute that the 
> bfg.formish machinery add to the request would not be a problem in case I 
> would like to do "composite forms".
> I.E. : having a page make up of various form snippet, for instance in the 
> case of a form that show a master/slave relationship (composite relationship 
> ;) ), or look into a way of making screen from various parts, some of them 
> forms ...
> I may be wrong but I see, for now, no way I would be able to agregate them in 
> a template if they are all trying to hook request.form() ... ?
> Maybe the "form_id" of the formish:form could be used instead ?
> Or am i completely wrong ?
> thanks a lot for your time. ;)
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