On 31 March 2010 22:41, Andrey Popp <8may...@gmail.com> wrote:
> * Inject current view in template, because TALES expression for content 
> providers make things work by adapting context, request, view (the last two 
> already available inside template) to IContentProvider.

That's an easy one: see z3c.pt; arguably, these View*-classes could
make it to BFG (since it supports class-based views).

> * Make TALES expressions work with Chameleon, are there any difficulties? I 
> think there is an issue with zope.contentprovider/configure.zcml — condition 
> on zope.app.pagetemplate installation is set.

Difficulty is that Chameleon doesn't keep variables in a dictionary
per se (e.g. ``econtext``). Only some variables are kept there, namely
those that need transferring between macros.

What we've done instead is to reimplement certain TALES expresions
including ``provider:`` and ``path:``. That's all available in z3c.pt.

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