I have been using repoze.what (1.0.8) and (due to dependancies)
repoze.who 1.0.18 for the last couple of months.
Today we where setting up a new instance and found that repoze.who
2.0.a2 was coming down from PyPI as it is
the most recent version and repoze.who 1.0.18 was hidden.

We found code that was working was now failing silently (changes with
aut_tkt I believe)  (ok maybe not an error but user auth that was
working stopped haven't found out yet
what exactly was going wrong).

Is 2.0.xx of repoze.who supposed to be the correct version for
repoze.what 1.0.18 it looks like repoze.what dependancies on
repoze.who is just > 1.0 ?


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