The only requirement for an object to be stored in zodb is that it is 
pickeable. However, if an object is mutable (as most user-defined objects are) 
its class should subclass Persistent so that updates to it are automatically 
saved and it will get put as its own "record" in the database. 
Practically-speaking, all user-defined objects stored in zodb should subclass 
Persistent. Not doing so either implies that you really know what you are 
doing, or the opposite 8^).


On Apr 6, 2010, at 5:54 PM, george hu wrote:

> In the official documentation, the tutorial of zodb wiki shows a Page class 
> who is inherited from the the Persistent. When I look at the Feeds Tool 
> example on Karl, none of the model classes are inherited from the Persistent, 
> but the objects are saved into the zodb. So I would like to know the details 
> of inheriting from the Persistent, or the consequence of not inherit?
> Thanks
> George Hu
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