Further to this, I just noticed that the cluegun sample app uses 'for', so
maybe it would also help people checking out the sample apps and the 1.2
docs if 'for' where mentioned.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 12:15 PM, Iain Duncan <iainduncanli...@gmail.com>wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 6:52 AM, Chris McDonough <chr...@plope.com> wrote:
>> On 4/7/10 9:47 AM, Charlie Clark wrote:
>> > Am 07.04.2010, 15:41 Uhr, schrieb Chris McDonough<chr...@plope.com>:
>> >
>> >>> I noticed in the 1.2 docs that view configuration in zcml uses the
>> >>> 'context' predicate instead of the zope 'for' predicate. Just wanted
>> to
>> >>> know if I can still safely use 'for' or whether new code should switch
>> >>> all those.
>> >
>> >> The "for" spelling will continue to work "forever".
>  Just a documentation suggestion, I think there is a good chance you will
> have some folks coming to the bfg docs and learning Zope 3 at the same time.
> It would probably make sense for those people to have the fact that you can
> do your view registration with 'for' mentioned. I found it helpful to be
> able to pop back and forth between related docs and make the connection that
> views as classes is very similar to regular zope 3 views.
> thanks!
> Iain
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